Pokémon Go update enhances tracking of GPS

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Since the release Of Pokémon Go last summer, the game has conquered the gaming world, helping its creator Niantic collect revenue in millions of dollars. The success of game indeed is a result of Niantic’s persistent efforts to enhance the game with regular updates and fixes. When a lot of companies are coming up with Pokémon go gps hack tools, Niantic is bringing in various advancements in the game.

The recent fix that would come in Pokémon Go is an improvement in GPS tracking that will influence the GPS shifting players while playing the game. The latest fix will change the small shift gamers, experience with characters especially when the gamers are not moving around.

This is an important update that is introduced to help some Pokémon Go players to utilize their GPS phone provider to hatch eggs and gain Pokémon even when they are not playing. The update will also help fix certain issues that players experience while playing the game like while moving the characters present on the screen sprint very quickly over the screen. When such event occur, the game encounters an error leading to quick moves for example the players in vehicles, which can stop the player to obtain Gyms and Pokestops located close to them.

The update will help fix GPS tracker as well as add an update to the app ‘Apple watch’ to show eggs collected from fixes of minor text and Pokestops.  Niantic continues to make as many updates as possible to improve the gaming experience for its players. These fixes and updates are going to add more fun to the game and it will become more engaging.

Apart from fixes and updates, Pokémon Go players also wait for new features to be added to the game to make the game more interesting.